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About Us

We at DMW Export Pvt. Ltd. are committed to produce quality steel ware as per the exact specs of our buyers. Inherent in our work culture is the welfare of our people and their families. The management of DMW is committed to providing its employees hazard free working conditions. Further, we are committed to outperform ourselves and reach out to a new realm of success on the basis of our solid and ever growing infrastructure, the strength of our hard work and the power of our vision.

TEAM DMW- Founded by Mr. Dina Nath Dhingra, Six decades ago, DMW is a pioneer in the manufacturing of world class steel ware in India; it has experienced phenomenal growth over the last years. That is largely because of our proactive thinking and vision driven approach.

From the very beginning, the development of in house infrastructure, competence and innovation has been the prime concern of the company. All activities involved in the meticulous crafting of steel ware such as rolling, cutting, die making, Deep- Drawing Press, Power press to consume polishing etc. are undertaken in house to ensure strict adherence to our own quality standards. As a result, DMW Export has not only managed to consolidate is position worldwide but also stay at the forefront of the Indian steel export industry.

Professionals who Perform

The middle management of the company consists of highly professional designers, metallurgical experts, merchandisers and experienced personnel. The well defined hierarchy of the company ensures smooth day to day operations. The founder’s tremendous insight and experience has benefited the company and placed it on the forefront of the international steel business.

Redefining the Dynamics

Since its inception in the year 1979, DMW has been actively involved in the manufacturing and export of beautifully crafted and high quality kitchenware, cookware, L.S. products………..

In a diverse range of discerning and quality conscious clientele all over the world today, it enjoys an enviable as well as formidable reputation in the fiercely competitive international steel industry.

Concern for Quality

Quality is an integral and vital part of all manufacturing processes at DMW. Over the years we have developed an infallible Q C system at all levels of production. Our Q C department is a full fledged and autonomous entity in itself. Over the years the company has enhanced its production capacity as well as the quality of its goods. It’s newly commissioned state of the art unit produces ……Unit per day. The production process of this unit is governed by stringent quality control measures.

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